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…Beyond all of either comments, concerns, emailing, expanding, improving, open letters, questions, and maybe even more as well

acherrystone – 17 Apr 2017 11:34 AM

I have no idea………

Cheryl, all of the others both on/ff of here as well,

Hmm you have no idea as to what I’m either referring/talking about here as well.

Well, this is my original reply to you and it was in the same one as my reply to KitKatKitty.  Have since then decided to take out of there and do a new response to here.  Along with even more further explanation as to whom and I’m talking about.  Along with quoted my original (intro) post to this.

,…Angela Price, was formerly with Jess Loera on Champagne and Shimmer, but is only on By Angela Price


Dear Ms Loera and Ms Price:

I know that I usually try to avoid these situations altogether, but I felt I pretty much need to address it.  Especially, have already either commented, replied, started another intro post/thread on here, and beyond.  Starting it with a intro post/thread on the chit/chat, discussion, forum that I belong to even before putting it on my own blog 1st a ball.  In which that also includes pinning it on couple of my own boards there and other social media networking portals, and sites.

I mean its pretty much for Ms Price, By Angela Price.  Not for Ms Loera Champagne and Shimmer. But still worth addressing to both of them.

Basically, its be in regards of Ms Price being of influence to the masses and beyond.  I mean that her partner is a famous athlete of course.  Whom prefers to much private outside of it then her.

At the same time I mean it also can be applied to Ms Loera.  Whom her partner is a doctor (ER) as well.

ABOUT – Champagne + Shimmer

I’m Jess Loera and I started Champagne and Shimmer as a fun hobby a few years ago!

I’m a Mom to a cute little baby boy, wife to an ER doctor, daughter to some awesome parents, and friend to many!

I love to write about fitness, fashion, healthy lifestyle, and how to make life a little easier.

I’m a new mama so excuse overload of baby pictures, spelling errors, and just beware that sometimes my sentences might not make perfect sense… mommy brain!

Thanks for taking the time to check my blog out.

About – By Angela

My name is Angela Price, I am a 30 year old from Washington State, but now spend most of my time in Canada. I attended Washington State University (Go Cougs!) where I majored in Marketing and minored in Finance.  My husband plays hockey, so during the winter months we reside in Montreal, Quebec. Our summers are spent in Kelowna, British Columbia. We just had our first child, a sweet baby girl named Liv.

I use to say that I wasn’t a very passionate person, I kinda dabble in a little of everything, and once I get bored I move on to the next thing that grabs my attention. I never really throw myself wholeheartedly in to anything in particular.

All though, over the last few years I have really put all of my energy in to maintaining a healthy balanced life, and trying to figure out exactly what that means. Without even realizing it, this became my passion.

Having a healthy balanced life encompasses lot….It is my relationship with God, family and friends. It is keeping my body healthy with exercise and local organic foods. It is having a sense of adventure and being out in nature as much as possible. It is having a sense of caring, and seeing the value of giving and volunteering. It is making our home a beautiful tranquil space where we are untroubled.

And of course, capturing it all with my favorite hobby, photography and then sharing it with you.

I’m back yet again with even more observations that I feel need to point out as well.  I mean after I have read/at skim both of their blogs thoroughly.  I mean it took of a course a couple/few days to do it, but in which I’m very glad that I did.  Of course have tried either to comment/ed/email/ed//reply/ied in a quite few entries that I have found questionable in my eyes.  At the same time I felt the need to take out everything else that was above here out.  Basically, it had to with how much characters that i have either had left/used.

It has to do with both of what they/didn’t wear in regards to maternity clothes in their pregnancies.

Including their birth story/what they bought/packed in their bags for throughout their stays in the hospital.  Also, with what their partners bought with them as well.  Plus, they bought for their babies of course.  In which can be address to everyone else on all of here/commented/replied to their blogs/off of all that I mentioned.

I’m also going to be focusing on all of their life/parenting styles.

At the same time thats includes both of their fashion senses as well.  In which I don’t think it will include their either partners and their kids as well.

Is really need a even wear maternity clothes at all in ones pregnancy and maybe with for a little bit of postpartum?  Like especially for the ones breastfed/eding/nurse/d/ing.  I mean besides the undergarments of course.  When you can easily wear you current clothes and/or partner ones.  Even with all of the changes to them in the last couple of decades/a generation as well.

Both of their birth were similar/different then each others.  Plus, both of them were smart not to have a much of a birth plan because it/they pretty much thrown out of the window with hospital births.  At least thats what I gathered from all of my learning/researching on all of this that I have already did, so far of course.  I mean both of them were a wk estimated past due.  So, then they ended up being induced of course, but ended up with very much different outcomes.  Including both of them whom had either labored/delivered a whole lot longer then what the whats its recommended of course.  So, that one ended up with finally emergency c/cesarean section and it included a lot longer stay in postpartum (Mother/Baby) unit.  Then, the other one it/their baby was born with a little bit limp because of the lack of oxygen in her at that time.  Of course needed attention, so that only a couple of min before it was bought back to the chest.  It was in complete shock when her partner announced it was girl (I’m glad to see that they found out before it was.  Unlike the other one whom found out before).  It thought that it was a boy all through out the pregnancy.  That made her then to questioning trusting her own instincts ever again after that.  At the same time when the other one got to the that part as well.  One of them was even more up and about as opposed to the opposite.  I mean she settled herself in by getting settled (unpack and rearrange the room). Because she super OCD.  To top that off she took even a shower to freshen up for visitors as well.  Even included what all of them bought with them to hospital.  Like one of them bought everything from home.  I mean it felt like that while reading and also like being either in hotel/resort/all exclusive/spa/on vacation.  As opposed to what one would expect for something like this.  All of them were used by it.  At the same time that also includes its The Emergency That Should Have as well.  Then to top that off it also included its accessories kit as well.  In it said I should have of been more worried first about the emergency car, kit but that didn’t seem as fun.  In addition that it also included couple of entries (in different sections) regarding both how to stay healthy this (past) winter and what to do when if you get a cold or stomach flu.  In those it was in more the majority part of it as opposed to being either in the minority or the middle of the road.  Even though her partner is a er doctor of course.  Can/don’t ever recall if I saw anything on any of this on the one.  If so I’m glad for in a way, but then still wish to see that are in the middle of road.

They pretty much appears to me that all of their life/parenting styles are at least to me that they lean with the majority (at least in America/United States/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/England/Great Britain/Ireland/United Kingdom/maybe more since everywhere else is/are becoming more then ever Westernized).  I’m sorry yet again for another run on sentence.  The others that whom are like me in the minority and/or in the middle of the road.

At the same time I’m also in the middle of the road when it comes to both of their fashion senses/styles.  Mainly, its hit and/or miss with me.  Basically, got this from my fraternal twin sister.  One of them did a entry regarding bell bottoms/boot cut/flare jeans are back in style.  In which to me I kinda found was disturbing to me because to me they never went of out style.  At least in eyes.

In which I’m sorry yet again for going the distance on part of this response as opposed to others.

Back yet again with even more observations.

Mainly it/they about where do it/they get all of the information that they based everything and including beyond as well.  I mean it can be from both on/ffline because to me both of them are important as opposed over the other.  It/that also include/s partner/s, family/ies, close/far friend/s, and acquaintance/s as well.  It/they applies to beyond both consumer/s and professional/s as well.

Again, basically, find so far that I have read others members of FF really have no whatsoever clue as to what else is out there.  In which I have already up more then once in responses.  I mean theres a whole lot more out there.

In which I have also already have either blogged about, intro posts/threads in other chit/chats, discussions, forums, social media networking.  That I have also belong/ed as well.

Especially, from beyond what I have already/will go through, learned, researched from all of it.  This also includes all close, far, family, friends, acquaintances, and beyond as well.

At the same time I have finally invited them to FF via the invite friends area.  Heres the message that I have included below the generic one.


This is a combination of a comment with a couple of my responses because I forgot stuff in the original one.

Dining Room Makeover – Champagne + Shimmer

This is a combination of a comment with a couple of my responses because I forgot stuff in the original one.


Dear Jessica (Jess),

Hmm beyond all good/bad for you/them, interesting in the middle of the road living soo close to either my/future Mr. Right family/ies/folk/s, totally agree/disagreement with what the 1st commentator said/your response back to itokay, please disregard all/any/everything on this in my latest email/to all/Angela (Ang)/any/everyone else/you thats on my usual email list/blog entry/posted it on all/any/every other chit/chat/discussion/forum/social media networking portal site that I belong/expect for one/understandable, and WOW what a big house its/at least from the outside of it.

Casual Playoff Fashion – By Angela


Dear Angela (Ang),

Know that this coming from a huge fan all of Henrik, Therese, Charlize, Juli Lundqvist, and NY Rangers. Whom is/aren’t like the others.  Have to say that I have pretty much grown to like you over this past wk or so. In love these/is particular outfits. Even through have to say that to me its/they a/re a hit/or miss with both of you. I’m also including I’m Jessica (Jess) Loera with Champagne and Shimmer as well. Since its still her blog. Also, I have pretty much grown to her over this past wk or so as well. At the same time all of this also applies to both of your blogs. Including all of your partners and babies/children/kids as well.  On the other hand hit one of your partners team that he plays on of course.  AKA The Montreal Canadiens.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)