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Kaitlyn Wifery and her blog site Wifessionals

Back again with even more sites and beyond that I managed to find via all of my searching on google that I do.  Basically, this is a review of my end of our email conversation (waybeyondfedup newbie with biography, expanding, improving, and whats everyone reading now).  In which I have yet to her back from her regarding my last few emails to her.  In which all of this started FB (Facebook) WFS (Wifessionals) and was taken as spam as usually.

Thats what I thought happened and need further explanation as to what you meant by thanx.  At the same time do have speech and learning disability (please see my bio for more) that contributes to it.  In which I think theres entries that are more spam then others.  Well, at least in m eyes.  I mean with the ads and beyond.  Especially, with the pacifiers that I reported as spam to FB.  To me I would everything and anything other then pacifiers, bottles, and beyond along those lines because to me they are more mainstream then natural.  Again, please see more about this in expanding and improving part to where I’m coming from.  I mean I do understand you, all others, and me need to make money, but theres others ways then the mainstream.  Especially, with the alternative and natural ones.

Basically, it was on FB and was posted in mon (4/14).  Believe it wasn’t posted unless u were sharing it via FB.  In which I understand were you coming from.  To me it’s more worth it when you, all others like you start your learning, researching, and beyond.  Then you start what others (more alternative and natural ones) and me see.  This also applies to all others including non moms, dads, non dads, and beyond.

P.S.  To me this isn’t a competition, but something else along those lines.  In which I have no clue as to what its called.  You and me aren’t the 1st ones to do it, but theres a whole array of them on both sides of the aisle.​

P.S.S.  In my wifessionals should be reserve for midwives, doulas, nurses, and beyond whom more into alternative and natural births.  Then mainstream ones.  You, all the others, and me are more like homemakers, housekeepers, and/or beyond along those lines.

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Lost and Tired Blog and My Autism Help Forums

Heres a blog that I find to be worrisome and have no clue whatsoever on how to respond to it without offending. This also goes for the forums that are attached to it. In which I (waybeyondfedup) just recently joined after a long time being off and on about them.