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São Paulo Parties on the Hudson

WOW to all/any of this.  I mean just look at all/any of examples of being self absorbed when it//they shouldn’t be and especially in this day in age.  Don’t get me wrong I do get why they/it are/is doing this because they rather be safe then sorry.  Especially, for/with the child/ren involve in it.  At the same time please don’t even get me started on all/any of this because I for one I’m way beyond fed up with all/any of this.  I would rather see all/any of them looking into alternative lifestyles (voluntary simplicity) instead of all/any of it being mainstream and etc.

São Paulo Parties on the Hudson
A surge of Brazilian spending in New York is reflected in extravagant parties for birthdays and weddings, and celebrations of New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl.

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