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My Facebook Page Way Beyond Skeptical

Way Beyond Skeptical

It all came about after I left Chronically Skeptical.  Basically, Chronically Skeptical wasn’t near what I it thought it was.  I mean the founder/admin/mod/members were much more into mainstream medicine/lifestyles as opposed to alternative medicine/lifestyles or at least integrative medicine/lifestyle.  It became more evident by yesterday.  In which I waited it out just in case if it changed, but it didn’t.

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Liberate Women’s Breasts Facebook Page

Liberate Women’s Breasts Facebook Page

At the same time heres my comment to the page, their response, including response back to them.

Yeah and thanx because this is truly needed for sure,.

Love thank YOU for your support! I agree! I figured no one was really doing much about this in the states so I thought I’d start to rally people and etc.

Your quite welcome and thanx because I for one I’m beyond fed up with all of this. In this includes anything/everything else as well.