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Have to say that I have often thought about this, but never publicly to either my family, off/nline friends.  I mean with online is/are blog entry/ies, post/s/intro thread/s on all of the chats, discussions, forums, portals, sites, social media networking that I have belong/ed during all of my time online, so far and will surely continue for the rest of time online/life.

Basically, also this applies to all of baby/ies, child/ren, tween/s, teen/s, adult/s.  I mean of course for the baby/ies and child/ren part/s are not written by it/them, but it/their either parent/s, if not it/them it/them certainly by either it/their grandparent/s, loved one/s, and maybe a/their friend/s of it/their parent/s.  Whom it/they trust like it/they it/are family.

By the way it/is/this apply/ies to beyond as well.  Like more like life/style, work, schooling, and maybe more as well.

As far me I also this happen/ed/ing more and more for less/more over this past decade/dozen yrs.  In which I totally can’t recall whatsoever when this/all of started. Don’t get wrong I was well aware of, but never pursuing my learning/researching into this/all of it.  Have to say that I’m in the middle of the road when it comes to making a living out of it/this as well.  Basically, have seen it happened to a number of them.  Either following/un of course.

At the same time I know that I’m truly guilty on this myself.  Even with all of the lessons that I have learned over all of these yrs so far.  This also applies to how I was formally schooled as well.  I mean it was in the middle of the road.

author=”Souxi” date=”1492079726″Jessica no offence, but I’m not sure what you mean? Also, dont know if you realised, but this section is for men, to ask for advice from female forum members. We do get the odd one from time to time. Hope we didnt scare them off.  😆

Thanx and well I’m aware of that.  Here I thought that posting in this section is/was the only one that men can reply to.  Guess, I’m was wrong on all of this.
At the same time here I made myself clearly in what I was posting it. To me much matter err on the side of caution and make this into more of generalization as opposed to it being.  While also being worried about offending as well.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)