About Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup) newbie with biography, expanding, and improving

Basically, what I went waybeyondfedup newbie is that I’m waybeyondfedup newbie here. At the same time I’m on other chats/forums/online networks/whatever else they called besides here. In which I’m not going to bore you with my intro and other work. In which I somehow end copying, pasting all of this every single time. Well, at least two other intro posts to threads concerning expanding, improving, beyond. At the same time might do more depending on circumstances involve in each of them.

Live in Metro New York on New Jersey side of it USA. Born with a Neurologically based speech impairment/apraxia-dysarthria. Suffering from depression/anxiety for awhile now. Still I’m not one, but have no to little income. I receive Social Security Benefits for all of it. In which I’m glad for, but still wish I had other means as well, but in I still don’t. At the same time still don’t drive or intend to anytime in the future. Whom needs more of a life then what she has had so far. As opposed to what it has been for the most part of her life and etc. Yet to reach this stage of life and beyond. I’m of a student of life and currently looking for her next opportunity.

Thanx for creating and running all of this. Expect for the donations/memberships part of it because I for one can’t afford it. Highly doubt I would donate or become of member of here if I was able to afford it. Both of these sentences applies to others as well. Have to say that these particular aspects are what I don’t like about it because to me its putting down the drain. Plus, always had bad luck with sites and forums that I have donated/membership to because of how I post and etc. Would rather help in other way/s/capacity/ies.

I found to NFL (Natural Family Living) aka ethical blogging networking and/or etc whatever its called. To be better then mainstream family living aka unethical blogging and etc. In which I still high time for The International Code of Marketing Breast-Milk Substitutes (1981) to be looked at and re worked. In order to move toward. I for one have yet to found, etc more ethical blog network, and maybe join in due time.

What’s your plans for more expanding, improving, etc site and forums in the future?

As for me would love to see more then what you have at the moment. Like more general on/off topic/s forums and sub forums that have yet to be covered on here.

Have you ever thought about expanding and improving the accounts areas into having more social media networking option/s regarding. With the ones that use wordpress as for blogs as well. Especially, for me I found that it would be easier that as opposed to the way because I’m waybeyondfedup with copying and pasting each time. I mean both on and off of here.

At the same time heres some more of my interests and somewhat of my specialities are. Activism, advocacy, awareness, campaigning, charities, compassionate, computers, learning, passionate, reading, researching, etc along those lines.

This includes having the homepage and etc being on here. As opposed to the way it is.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)

6 thoughts on “About Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup) newbie with biography, expanding, and improving

  1. Greetings Ms Bruno , thank you for all the reblogs and views . I would love to delve further into your blog but , while I love your background and overall page design my old eyes cannot read the black print on your dark , shadowed background . As you are aware , my page also has a black(ish) background and I initially experimented with different colored types but merely succeeded in getting numerous comments regarding reading difficulty . My readers made it known that white type was the only one that was easily viewable on a background of varying degrees of darkness .

    That being said , it’s your blog … do it the way that pleases you and I’ll shut up . Good luck and thanks again for visiting us at YouViewed . Cheers

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  2. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for your liking, and reblogging of my blogspots.

    p.s. I’m glad you changed your blog background because your words are much easier to read now. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

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  3. Great blog. Throw out a donate box, you should be reimbursed for your contribution to the community. I for one would contribute, but not as a donation, but to help offset the time for your time and helping get the word out there. God bless you.

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