Re: Open letter/psa all of us regarding more secularism in Christmas/Chanukah/Ḥanukah/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Years/beyond

1/1/19 1.1.19

Dear Whomever this may concerns, everyone both on/ff of here:,

I am back yet again with even more. I mean like with forgetting and updates.

I can’t believe that President Trump is now for funding of the border wall as well. In which I do get it of course, but of course I will not be contributing to any money. Don’t worry I’m keeping on sharing this no matter none the less.

At the same time I’m waybeyondfedup with Jenna Kutcher aka The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher. Whom is a first time mom, but there’s more the story regarding miscarriages/fertility/beyond over these past couple/few yrs. In which she’s married to Drew Kutcher aka Kicking it with Kutch. Especially, in regards to going over her due date and being induced one wk later. By the way her mom and sister are nurses whom appears to me being more mainstream/conventional/psuedoscience, spl (spelling) more than anything else. I mean in regards to holistic/integrative/functional. So, she and Drew did a podcast of their birth story because they thought its easier to do that way. Don’t me wrong I’m all for this, but then not. In which she said that regarding advice, please don’t give any and beyond. In which I’m also waybeyondfedup with this because she’s really been open to story and including Drew as well. Don’t get wrong do get, but don’t worry did give my advice regarding all of this. With the disclaimer as to whom I’m.

My fraternal twin sister/our father/her partner. I mean like both today/yesterday that I was told by her partner specifically after fact that I hardly, but only with rum. Thats a little with rum, but told it that I really haven’t really drank any of it, but a only from here to there. Of course it didn’t believe me and at the same time this also happened a mo ago when it asked about it. When it had couple/few bottles and in which it happens from time to time. At the same time I bought in the glass of it in the bathroom and in which I put on the other side of the counter. But still told not before and after because it was afraid that if one of us/guest/s with barefoot will step on it. AKA getting splinter and/or beyond. In which I do get. This also happened last night when I couldn’t bring in my coffee cup into room while waiting for a new light bulb to change my light in my room. Of course didn’t bring in. Since I’m knowing of breaking stuff from time to time as well. In the end I was told that both of them are fine when I come in to get garbage/medicine/closet, but not to use it. To top all of this all off either be naked/flash stuff because to them its not normal. Of course I for one think its normal up to the point with the body and beyond. In which my fraternal twin is totally selfish. Especially, when all of use went up to my visit parents/our friends/acquaintances Martha’s Vineyard House (for half of yr and the half of is/are spent in their apt in NYC). So, we also we kept our car, so that all of three/either two could do stuff besides with our hosts. At the same time its her partner first time there, but instead they spent all their alone time at lake/beach. Since she really needed the break at the time. Expect, he saw only a couple of parts with both of us and including our hosts. One evening and our last morning on there. To top that all off both of them have master suite as well, but in which is totally unfair because I’m of the oldest and should have gotten it. Especially, with how much I do around the house since their work schedules have always been crazy. Of course my father is on their side. That also applies to when I go California that I will go on diet and do more. In which I do get, but also them as well. Whom also need to be on diet as well. Even if they claim that they eat more healthy than me. At same time my sister is very into bar method and does even more than one classes from time. I for one my exercise is pretty much going up and down stairs in the house and walking for the most part of year.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)