Roman Catholic blasphemy back in Norway

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Lutheran priests carried a “holy stone” into the church at Stiklestad. Some of the priests called for a return of a “holy bone.”. Katolsk1

The call for an endgame union with the Pope of Rome increases in force. The promoters of a new Apostolic Reformation (NAR) gains momentum. Reformed bible teachers are being silenced.   

The Norwegian King “Olav” was canonized in 1031 A.D by local Vatican-bishop Grimkell Some Lutheran priests has started to worship items belonging to this king. Like a stone, which Catholic traditions are “holy”. Because the king rested his head on this stone, when he died.  During the “feast of St. Olav” in 2007, this stone was carried back from the local museum, and into the local Church.

Stone2 In a Roman Catholic inspired procession, the “holy stone” is transported from the local Museum.

The local Catholic Church in Norway, desire to see all Norwegian’s join Catholics in…

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