Beyond alarm/concern/questioning staying with my current hair stylist/salon

I went for my usual cut and plus yr/1/2 yr highlights, but again it/their prices went up again.  From the previous times.  This isn’t the first/last time of question it, but its the first time putting it in writing.  Especially, really this being my 1st bringing it up on here (that includes elsewhere online, blog, email).  I mean I have going to her since my other stylist moved for a brief period of time.  In end came back.  I will never be going back to either it/salon because they both lied about my current stylist situation.  When they knew about it the whole time.  Basically, saw my current one town one day and she told the whole story.  At the same time had her clarified it for me when I exactly went the 1st time to that salon.  At the same time I’m kinda in the middle of the road on all of this.
 If I do decide to look for a another one.  I would much rather prefer to go with one thats with  organic salon.  Ideally I would love both of them to be the same as my current/all of the ons that I can remember going to.  That includes the stylist/salon owner/s where they trained, gain new/more skills and beyond to further to career.  Even switching from toxic (mainstream/conventional) to non toxic (organic).Have been going less often now for pretty much over this past a yr an half now.  I mean what’s point in going when I don’t have to.  Since I really don’t have to and beyond.  This also includes ditching everything that I have used for pretty much decade an half now because it was more on mid/high end.  To something like all them on lower/mid end.
This even includes nails, facials, massages, and beyond as well.
I am back again with yet another set all of both concern/questions regarding your/salon resumes.  Including your all of your present/past/future stylists because to me they are just as important as you are.  Of course includes both sr/master/jr/appentice.  This also includes at least your professional relationship and maybe personal as well.
By way, I have pretty much into either bob/pixie ones.  Especially, more of the tomboy ones vs all of the others.  Even through I have pretty much gotten all of the others as well.  That also includes ear, chin, shoulder, and maybe a little more, but I can’t remember how long.  Since its pretty much a long time ago.  I always had a hard enough of time maintaining my hair when it goes past certain point.  It is usually when I can’t either bush/comb all of it through.  That also includes prefer little/no maintenance to it as well.  With highlights I usually get them with my natural color.  Since I really prefer staying as natural as possible.