@PiadeJong, #Saving #Charlotte and @HeatherHarpham, #Happiness: A #Memoir

Dear both Ms de Jong/Harpham, everyone on/ff of here:,
Heres couple more memoirs that I want to point out as well.  In which I have either read/about to read.  That are pretty much similar to each other.  At the same time I’m going ahead with giving all (@ on all of theirs blogs/social media networking portal/sites) and that in course leads to tagging everything as well.  Don’t worry I’m also going to include the sub titles to them as well and give further explanation to them as to why.
Basically, how I go about finding them/any other book.  Is/are going to all of the local/bookstore and library.  Then looking through everything, but of course in pretty much the areas that I’m really into.
A #Mother and #Power of #Intuition
It takes place in Amsterdam, Holland/Netherlands.  Especially, I’m 25% percent 2nd Generation Dutch American, also I believe in it and beyond as well.  In the end I really just thought it was a whole bunch of ramblings more then anything else.
The #Crooked #Little #Road to #Semi – #Ever #After
For the time being I just really read the preference and 1st chapter of it.  While I was at the library deciding whether/not to buy it.  In the end I had to pay for before its even shipped.  In which I’m perplexed about this part of the process.  Still think in the long run its going to be worth it end.
Think thats it for now.
Thank you, again, in advance.
Yours truly,
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)