Jessica A Bruno – Waybeyondfedup open letter to both concerns/questions about Airbnb/Lonely Planet and especially with their magazines divisions apart of it as well

Dear Everyone both on/ff of here and whomever else this may concerns:,
I’m back yet again with another set of my continuous concerns and questions.
Its all about couple of the magazines (travel) in the last couple of yrs.  That I have either just heard/read/saw/subscribe/beyond to about and/or have already heard/read/saw/subscribed to.  Tell you the truth all of this applies to all of the other magazines.  Well, the ones that I get of course more then anything else.  In which I have also included the business/company/ies and beyond as well as opposed leaving them out of here.
Without further heres both of them.
Now, back to how I fi/ound both of them.
In which they were the premiere issues of both.  Of course I love that part of the because to me thats best part of it.  As opposed to missing out until I fi/ound it/them.
I for one I really prefer all in one/s as opposed to multiple/s and that of course is better for the pocket book for sure.  This also applies print as opposed to digital and not just for magazines, but for books, newsletter/papers.
At the same time I’m waybeyondfedup with the majority of the population as opposed to minority or at least in the middle of the road.  Basically, I mean that also applies to all over the place and with things as well.  Plus, this applies to all of the past, present, future, and beyond.  By theres some parts that I repeat myself as well.
Without further to do heres all of my work.  I mean from both copying and pasting them from google docs.  So that they also can whom I’m and where I’m coming from as well.  In which is in no particular order.
Somewhat newbie and still is trying to found herself
Hi, my name is Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup). This isn’t my first time being on chats, discussions, and forums. Somehow I always end up somehow always either leaving, getting kicked off via suspension, and total banned. Hopefully this will stop here because I’m waybeyondfedup on all of this. Since I always copied, pasted my intro, some posts, and threads. Have been doing all of this for quite a number yrs now on quite number of them. In which I figured whats the point of doing it when I have other forms of communication via my blogs, social media networks that I belong to. Basically, I’m pretty much on every single one. Well, at least seems like. Anyway, here they are in Bloglovin, Facebook, Good Reads, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tapatalk, Tea Party Community, Tumblr, Twitter, Wikipedia, and maybe even more.
At the same time I’m still trying to found myself after all of these years. I’m also no spring chicken.
Waybeyondfedup newbie with biography, expanding, and improving
Basically, what I went waybeyondfedup newbie is that I’m waybeyondfedup newbie here. At the same time I’m on other chats/forums/online networks/whatever else they called besides here. In which I’m not going to bore you with my intro and other work. In which I somehow end copying, pasting all of this every single time. Well, at least two other intro posts to threads concerning expanding, improving, beyond. At the same time might do more depending on circumstances involve in each of them.
Still live with my father and fraternal twin sister as well. Live in Metro New York on New Jersey side of it USA. Born with a Neurologically based speech impairment/apraxia-dysarthria. Suffering from depression/anxiety for awhile now. Still I’m not one, but have no to little income. I receive Social Security Benefits for all of it. In which I’m glad for, but still wish I had other means as well, but in I still don’t. At the same time still don’t drive or intend to anytime in the future. Whom needs more of a life then what she has had so far. As opposed to what it has been for the most part of her life and etc. Yet to reach this stage of life and beyond. I’m of a student of life and currently looking for her next opportunity.
Thanx for creating and running all of this. Expect for the donations/memberships part of it because I for one can’t afford it. Highly doubt I would donate or become of member of here if I was able to afford it. Both of these sentences applies to others as well. Have to say that these particular aspects are what I don’t like about it because to me its putting down the drain. Plus, always had bad luck with sites and forums that I have donated/membership to because of how I post and etc. Would rather help in other way/s/capacity/ies.
What’s your plans for more expanding, improving, etc site and forums in the future?
As for me would love to see more then what you have at the moment. Like more general on/off topic/s forums and sub forums that have yet to be covered on here.
Have you ever thought about expanding and improving the accounts areas into having more social media networking option/s regarding. With the ones that use wordpress as for blogs as well.
Especially, for me I found that it would be easier that as opposed to the way because I’m waybeyondfedup with copying and pasting each time. I mean both on and off of here.Somewhat of my specialties as well. Activism, advocacy, awareness, campaigning, charities, compassionate, computers, learning, passionate, reading, researching, etc along those lines.
This includes having the homepage and etc being on here. As opposed to the way it is.
Beyond my default either comment/intro post/response/thread for my blogging, chats, discussions, forums, portals, sites, and social media networking that I belong to
Hmm beyond all good/bad for you/them, interesting, okay, understandable, and WOW.
Yet again another on this. Especially, one would think all of this should be over now. At the same time I’m also thinking of this being of the many possible scenarios that all of us should be beyond alert/prepared for/disaster/emergency preparedness/survival/whstf. I mean for all of man made/natural ones as opposed to one over the other. Especially, including all of civilians as well as professional. Everyone/where else should all do it as well.
Yet another again, please, feel to see my own blog entry regarding all of this #Waybeyondfedup open letter to all that were involved in #2017WomensMarch and #beyond https://jessicaabrunowaybeyondfedup.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/waybeyondfedup-open-letter-to-all-that-were-involved-in-2017womensmarch-and-beyond/ for more on how I feel on all of this.Heres even more additional websites, social media networking portals that I have found as well. #Ladies #Women #Against #Feminism http://ladiesagainstfeminism.org and http://womenagainstfeminism.org
Now just wish others would follow suit with this because to this is very important to me.I also highly recommend beyond all of start doing you own learning and researching on it as well. I mean this also applies beyond to everything that I have mentioned above here. To me I found its very important so you can be proactive in it. Also, please take everything with a grain of salt as well. Especially, pseudoscience part of it as well. This also applies to beyond as well.
Beyond Drs. Christiane Northrup, Kelly Brogan, M.D.S. and Kate Northrup Watts
Here we go again with the same old never ending stuff because of beyond both unrealistic and unsecured. Especially, beyond even shelling out even more, more, again, again. Even with how are things shaping out ever since the market crash back in 2008. At the same time, please don’t get me wrong me with beyond all of this. Even though I’m with beyond with you guys with all of this in some shape, and/or form.
Pet Peeves
What are yours?
Heres a few of mine.
People abuse their library privileges and beyond.
People treat me/others like me like a baby/child instead of adult.
People whom are germophlic, spl (spelling) and beyond (in which I’m not quite sure of).
People whom come back to their websites and/or forums. Whom upgrade everything, but then don’t fix everything and/or anything. Until the next upgrade or something else. I mean thats what saw at one particular forum and clicked on register to see if its been fixed. In which it was.
People whom have no clue on how to run their sites, blogs, and/or forums properly. I mean it can be everything/anything.
People whom are always amazed about how the athletes perform and beyond. In which I know that its harder then its looks without doing it.
People whom leave their messes for someone else to take care of. And then don’t tell anyone regarding it/them.
People whom are only for themselves as opposed to others and beyond.People whom are brainwashed are by all of mainstream that has to offer. As opposed to all of the alternatives and beyond. Especially, with the all of integratives, spl (spelling) that are there. As long as they do it properly. In which at this point in time I’m really not sure how to do it properly. Besides learning and researching.
And beyond
Beyond blogs, chats, discussions, forums, social media networking, lack thereof, and/or aka whatever the heck has happen to them
I mean pretty most of them. Especially, gear towards to beyond alternates, alternatives, babies, births, boys, brothers, childbirth, complementary, conceiving, conception, conventional, dads, dadas, daddas, daddies, disabilities, doulas, families, fathers, females, feminists, feminine, fertility, friends, girls, health, healthcare, holistic, home birth, ivf, infertility, integrative, ladies, mainstream, males, mamas, mans, medical, medicine, mens, midwives, midwifery, moms, mommas, mommies, mothers, natural, nature, nurses, nursing, organic, parents, parenting, pregnant, pregnancy, remedies, reproductive, reproduction, traditional, trying to conceive, waiting to try, well, well being, wellness, whole, wholistic, wise, wisdom, womans, and womens.
At the same time on the activity level of them as well. In which this is from a response that I did in regarding to this on the many of them that I belong to.
Hmm to all interesting, okay, understandable, and WOW in regarding this. In which I’m also in totally agreement with what everyone else said here. Especially, I have just finally joined here and also it has happened to me in the past of course. In which I also have done a quite a bit of sharing. Well, way beyond it exactly. So, far its been pretty much my own work on here. Along with quite a bit open letters to here. Mainly, Martin and/or whomever this may concerns. Don’t worry I will try my best to be active in responding and not just starting new ones.
#Why #Should #You #Join #Here!
All of this is from an intro post, thread, my own response on another forum that I belong to. In which I wanted to share with you guys and do it here as well.
Thank you, again, in advance for. Especially, this type of thread.  In which I’m in totally agreement with what everyone said before me and probably after me as well.
Now, just wish other owner/s, admin/s, mod/s from everywhere else would do this for their own. Because I found this just be refreshing.
Whats everyone reading now
Have since decided to stop doing this particular one. Since, I found it got too hard to keep up with it. Especially, over these past couple of yrs.
Think thats it for now.
Thank you, again, in advance.
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)