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Dear Beyond Whomever this may concerns including everyone whom is on/ff and whom has one/hasn’t:,

Detangling Hairbrush Brand | Tangle Teezer

Have to say that this isn’t my first/last time that I have ever heard/read/saw/thought about this, but really haven’t in quite sometime.  Have also forgotten about it/them from time to time.  At the same time I don’t ever recall seeing it/them in person either as well.

Just look at some of my reply/ies to another thread/s on here.  Beyond thought it was time! http://www.femaleforum.com/forums/viewthread/8124/ how o,ften do you change your hairdo? http://www.femaleforum.com/forums/viewthread/7599/ and that also goes for my own intro post/s/thread/s.  I mean its also for everything else as well both on/ff of here.  Such a beyond actors/athletes/celebrities/famous people/sports figures.  That also includes beyond their partners as well.

What do you think of it and why/not?

I for one I’m still in the middle of the road on this.  I mean beyond when its/they do it/them in the middle of the road/right way.  I’m really starting to more and more to leans towards investing in it/them.  In which unlike the past when I wasn’t.

I would much rather really to love/prefer to see both current all-in-one/hot air dryer styler brush with a full cord/professional length swivel cord (if its still being done).  I mean for all of the women/girls/men/boys whom really/don’t prefer mid/long/ultra.  Whom really/prefer short/ultra/mid/long/ultra long.  This also applies to all thick/thin/coarse/medium hair types.  Either real/al natural/highlighted/color treated/wig/toupee.  Especially, for those ones like whom lack the hand and eye coordination to all of the blow drying/styling/curling/straightening and/or really prefer not to.

In which I’m really one of them as well.  To me I really still really prefer little to no maintenance.  Along with through the of money part of it as well.  Especially, beyond what I have gone through with all of my past experiences combined.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)