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Dear Everyone both on/ff of here,

Basically, have decided to wait until the player spoke about it, etc before doing anything here, today instead of presuming more then anything else.

Matt Harvey apologizes after suspension | MLB.com

It was for three games (sat. 5/6 – mon. 5/8/17).  Including his last probable scheduled (sun. 5/7/17) should have been start.  In the end they lost the game big time (7-0) when they had chance to go 500 for the 1st time this yr.  Especially with them beyond being so injury prone over this yr so far and that includes previous yrs as well.  I mean in this past half of a decade/decade along.  Had to apology to all (team mates, manager/coaches, general manager/front office, ownership/board of trustees, media, fans).  His next probable scheduled start should be his normal turn in the rotation (fri. 5/12/17)

In which again I’m waybeyondfedup with all of this.  Even through he hold himself accountable for his actions and beyond.  Especially, what we have become as a society in the last decade/s for sure.  Of course ever since all of the cell phone/s, email/s/ing, internet, and mobile/ity.  I mean for the majority of us.  At the same time I just wish others would follow the same suit with what The Mets have done.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)