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Dear everyone both on/ff of here,

I’m back yet again with another and its pretty much identical as to the last article I that I have posted about him, his team, and beyond.  That also goes for how I feel/t throughout the series as well.

Pretty much those were related to game 5 and was a lost for him, team, and beyond.  Most likely will be back yet again with another and its pretty much identical as well.  Unless something changes of course during the next couple of days until their next game in their 2nd round series regarding more about him and his condition.  As opposed to him, team, and beyond because those aren’t really that important in my eyes.  In which it will be the deciding game 7.  The winner keeps going onto the 3rd round series (that series will be the same amount of games as the previous 1st/2nd round series and 4th/final round as well.  That of course will be a inter conference matchup.  It will be in between both of the be winners of the 3rd/final round in conference.  This pretty much also applies to two association/league/s championship/final/s, playoffs/postseason/s.  At least in US/Canada/North America sports.  Or if not it/they go home/beyond.  Plus, I also planned on moving this to the other thread if either team wins and/or his condition symptoms comeback.  Also known as post concussion syndrome.  Or if not I will just do the opposite as to what I said before.  Of course if my favorite team wins their game 6 (later on/tonight) of their 2nd round series.  To force a game 7 and that will occur in a couple days (Thurs., 5/11/17) after that game.  I’m still rooting for them until lose, but then I’m still in torn whether for them and/or him/his team/beyond because of the condition.  This also applies to the round/final after that as well.  Since I’m still really unfamiliar with the other conference teams.  Also, my fraternal twin sister and me have friend who has a little/tween boy (hes also fraternal twin, but its twin is a sister and beyond.  I really prefer not to get into the rest story here because its complicated one at that.  Just started to get into sports in general and whom is rooting for them.  At the same time he doesn’t know about of this with that player and whats been/going through, but on the other hand did told his mom about all of this.  By the way before I forget theirs other players whom been doing ache/pain/s as well as well him/player that I have mentioned here more then once.  I mean its been going both on/ff over ever since he 1st started dealing with them.  In which it also hasn’t been this yr alone, but at least a couple/few times that they have met in playoffs and mostly in this same round.  As I recall of course.  At the same time the other remaining player and his team have been The Presidents Trophy Winners during those yrs as well.  Somehow or other always end up losing to them/some other team in the division/other division/s in the same round/the previous round.  At least in all of these players playing eras of course.

Now, this is out of the way, I’m also still wondering what would you do? Its consider controversial as well.  It also includes you/your team/family/friends/acquaintances/beyond.  I mean dating back to your original confirmed one/s and including prior that.  From basically almost beginning of your life up to/these point/s, and going towards from there to end of your life as well.  I mean not just him/his team/beyond, but all others.  No, matter what it is/level/individual/team/country/continent/beyond.  Including association/s, commonwealth, continental, domestic, individual, inter/national, league/s, olympics, other/s, past/present/future generations, sport/s,team/s, worlds/beyond.

I for one I’m still in the middle of the road on all of this.

Whose leaning more and more into early retirement because based on all of my learning/researching that I have done, so far, but will continue as well.

Heres even more information/s and resource/s that I have found over this past couple of days.

Matchup: Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin, Game 6

Capitals, Penguins in Game 7 since Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, in advance.

Yours truly,
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)