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Back yet again with another.  Basically, all of it is from on yesterday afternoon.  At same time I’m going to post something else thats in relevance to here as well that I saw a couple/few dys back.

Sidney Crosby will play for Penguins ‘when ready’

Sidney Crosby game-time decision for Penguins against Capitals

Sidney Crosby playing in Game 5 for Penguins against Capitals

Study on former NHL players and concussions yields surprising early results | Toronto Star

Have to say that I’m back in the middle of the road on him, his team, and beyond on all of this.  Please refer to both of my intro post/responses in this thread for more as how I have previously felt.

I’m back yet again with another.

Matchup: Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin, Game 5

Basically, its about his matchup between him (Sidney “Sid The Kid/Man” Crosby, also #87, the team captain of the team and plays center) vs Alex Ovechkin (also #8, the other team’s captain, plays both left and right wings).  In hindsight I was correct in my earlier assumption/s on him, his team, and beyond.  Its based on all of my learning and researching did him and the rest of this.  Dating back to his first couple of them, but really didn’t do too much this time around.  Since I’m pretty sure theres not that much new on all of this.  I’m waybeyondfedup with him, with this, his team, and beyond.  I’m more and more leaning towards that he give it up no matter what.  The matchup would have been what it was like in game 3 (Mon., 5/1/17) when he both injured and left game after that.  That also applies to going into game 4 (5/3/17)/ during/after that until he was game time decision.  Anyway, back to matchup one of his team mates (Evgeni Malkin whom is #71 and one of the first of couple of alternate/assistant captains or whatever its called that the team/s can have.  One captain per team/s is/are allowed.  Also, it can’t a goalie anymore since it use to be that way, but no longer because something happened that caused it to be that way.  Even through they can be it off the ice, but not on it.  It may change in the same form as a captain.  It would takeover the captain if something happened to him.  I mean like either concussion/s/history, illness/es, injury/ies, retirement, and/or trade.  At the same hes also a center, whom is pretty much similar to his counterpart on the team and beyond.  But somehow hes always been overshadowed by those two no matter.  He’s like both top/underdog, but has been injury prone for more often then that over this past couple/few yrs at the same time.  Its way over do for both of them (Evgeni “Geno” Malkin vs Alexander “Alex” Ovechkin “Ovi”) to take over since both of them are from the same the country (Russia), but of course different parts of it.  Whom were also were drafted in the same draft (#2 and #1 respective), but that was also yr that one of the locked outs cancelled the entire (2004-`05) season altogether.  So, they played for both of their hometown and original teams.  When it was all over one of them finally over to the league and the other stayed home for another yr.  In which is all story in itself, but don’t worry it has happy ending.  It was during the last lockout (2012-little bit of `13) season when he was able to go back and play for that team because both sides recognize their differences and beyond.  Of course the his counterpart came back and played for his former team as well.  That was case for some of the players were able to go back/overseas to play.  At the same time that was the season when he started become more and more injured prone as well.  Then that was same season as the original player that I have been talking about become pretty much concussion/injury free up up til this yr of course.  I mean before the concussions started he was injury prone as well for the same amount of time.  At least to my knowledge of course.  So, back to 2005-`06 draft/season, so the team knew he wasn’t coming.  So of course they wanted revenge from both of their counterpart’s team of course, and the story.  It wasn’t normally draft of course because of the lockout, but they were able to have still.  That was the case in the following draft when got another one because either him or the team knew when his other team would finally release him.  By the way he was also in/out (that was also the case the yr before and when he finally/rst came over here as well.  Before all of this happened to the other one, but came back prior to that.  I mean he was in it for a brief time until he fell ill.  That caused him miss a little bit more until he came back from it, but it didn’t last.  Because he got injured in his 1st game back and required season ending surgery and beyond.

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