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I’m back yet with another even information/s and resource/s regarding him and his history with concussions.

If Crosby were an amateur, he’d be advised to quit hockey: neurosurgeon | Toronto Star

The director of the Canadian Concussion Centre in Toronto has said that suffering multiple concussions increases the chance of having persistent symptoms.

The director of the Canadian Concussion Centre at Toronto Western Hospital says when it comes to the number of acknowledged concussions, you can usually double the total for athletes who participate in collision sports.

That is not good news for Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, who suffered what is believed to be the fourth concussion of his NHL career on Monday night.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Tator says when someone has suffered multiple concussions, the chance of having persisting symptoms “goes up terrifically.”

He notes that athletes may experience the sensation of seeing stars or might take knocks to the head at the youth level but don’t acknowledge them as head injuries.

Tator says a concern for Crosby to consider at this point is the likelihood of a full recovery, since the chances of that go down as the number of concussions goes up.

He also says the fact that Crosby needed almost a year to recover from a concussion in early 2011 means there was a significant, residual effect on his brain. Tator adds that if Crosby were an amateur, he would probably be advised to quit the sport.

I for one I’m in totally agreement with what Dr. Charles H. Tator, M.D. Ph.D., FRCSC, FACS said about him.  Because it has all to do with his going toward with both of his long term health and quality of life he leads as well.

At the same time this isn’t the first/last time that I have thought about all of this with him.  In which I was mostly in the middle of the road on all of this until now.  That included never wanted him to retired from it because of all of this and its been apart of his life since when he was at very young age.  Yeah that happens and especially when it runs in the family.  Mainly on the male side of things until very recently.  When it is becoming more, more increasing that he should go into early retirement because of it.  Especially, when its happening more and more in the sport/s when its forced into early retirement.  From it/potential of it happening to it as well.  Plus, theres been players whom have committed suicide because of it.  That includes ex ones.  Mostly it to do with whether it is/was depressed/bipolar/anxious/schizophrenia.  Either it is/was diagnosed/un (which includes autopsy performed to determined the cause of the death).  I mean its anywhere from a yr/couple/few yrs of the beginning/declining/ending/middle/prime/rise.  No matter whom it is.

So, then his team (includes naming a new captain whom its pretty much known whom its going.  Like the 1st alternate/ssitant captain, Evgeni Malkin)/league/country/continent/world can move on from him.  In which includes him/his family/close friends/acquaintances/fans/general public.

I’m back again with another update on him.

Crosby skates

At the same time heres even more information/s and resource/s on what did to recovery.  That I totally forgot in either my intro post/response/s to this thread as well.

I mean its/they from his couple/few of his original one/s.

Anyway, it started during The 2011 Winter Classic Game when he also got unintentional hit by a stick just before the middle period ended.  In which he came back, played the last period of the game, and beyond.  He continue to practice the next couple/few days after.  I mean of sure had a least a day or two off as well because that place on New Year’s Day, but exactly place during night because of what like.  Since was outdoors one.  On top of all of that he played in the next game and especially when he really started the experience symptoms a like couple/few hrs prior to game time.  In which he also travel as well to the next game (away/following night).  In the morning he both complained and told whomever is in charge (whether its the head coach and/or medical staff) about he was feeling.  So, then of course he was sent back home to be either evaluated/further.  And beyond because it really continued from there got a cortisone injection/shot.  In which it helped to relieve his symptoms.  I’m also in the middle of the road the cortisone injection/shot part regarding concussion part of it.  Then, I’m fine with it with the rest of the body of course.

At the same time he also had a another one of them during this past season.  It came from being hit by a puck by team mate practice and beyond.

Back yet again with another.  Its also about his style of play and that impacts it as well.
At the same time I’m also in the middle of the road regarding reactions towards this.  I mean some of them are like me that comes to this and others are the opposite.
Crosby, (Connor) Sheary return to practice

Back yet again with another.  Again, I’m still in the middle of road on whether he should practice or not.  Especially, being fully involved and then interview after that.  In which again I’m really not that convinced that he should back from this again because its his 4th, also giving his history with it, and beyond.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.
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