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Dear Everyone both on/ff of here,

I mean with like with more serious one/s.  Such as concussion/s, and post concussion/syndrome.  Especially, includes either career, life, and early retirement threaten/ing.  At the same time this also applies to all/any/every level/s and not just US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central/Latin/South America, but overseas as well.  It/they can from training camp/s, off/pre/regular/post season, and playoffs.  Including Olympics.  Even through with all of the advancements in health, medical/icine, science/s, technology/ies, and beyond that have been discovered/made so far in the history of all/any/every this.

Heres some current examples from one of the players on one of my favorite baseball team (New York Mets).  To better help you guys understand where I’m coming from on this.  At least from what I found to be relevant to here.  All any/everything is from this past wk and its going from the oldest to the newest.  Know theres even more dating back from all/any/every during this/last yr combined, but I think thats way too much in my opinion.  In which I’m haven’t been following too close attention to it.  Not including that I watched the today’s game up to the point when it got injured and left.  Top things off they away, trying to sweep the series, ahead in the game 1-0 before the home/other team came up to bat.  In which they then lost by the final count of 23-5.  Including bullpen pitchers in relief of him.  Please bear in mind all/any/everything that I have posted are just unofficially, officially will come within a/couple/few days now, and not even including 2nd/3rd/4th/beyond opinion/s on this.  I mean if he chooses to get it/them of course.  Plus, he initially refused the MRI and a falling out with one of vice president (media relations) as well.  Plus, this comes on top of all/any/every other players on the team with their own.  Either just got it and/or coming back it/from them.  This applies to whether its/they from this past/couple/few yrs own.  Also, includes having a terrible start to their season and its unpredicted one at that.  At least from both experts and whats on paper prior to the season.  The team itself is composed of both veteran and young players.

On the other hand my other favorite baseball team (New York Yankees).  Whom are having a much better start to their season and its unpredicted one at that.  Especially, with all of their young players proving they belong up at the highest level.  By the way the team is also a brand name ever since from either 2008/`09 when they moved/ing from their former/new home.  In which are both Yankee Stadiums (1923-`73, pre/during/post renovation 1974-`75 those yr when they were sharing Shea Stadium with Mets, 1976-2008, and 2009-present.  Of course don’t even worry about Mets also moving homes from Shea Stadium (1964-2008) to Citi Field (2009-present).  Even through both teams had a/couple of other home/s before they moved into both old/new digs and from different eras as well.  Mets came into the picture when two of original teams (New York/ San Francisco Giants and Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers both from 1883-1957/58 to present.  Thats how and why Mets (1961/`62-present) came into the picture.  When Yankees were dominating the scene.  Yankees came into the picture from 1900-`01 when they were original Baltimore Orioles, but moved into New York became 1st named Americans/Highlanders, but changed the name in 1913 to Yankees and that stuck ever since.  On and on.

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Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)