Re: San Francisco, California USA Vacation and I’m going to be away from 4/25/ to /28/2017 | Female Forum


KitKatKitty – 25 Apr 2017 04:00 AM

Have a wonderful time, Jessica A B.

Lindylo – 26 Apr 2017 04:42 AM

Have a great time Jessica

KitKatKitty – 28 Apr 2017 08:05 AM

Do tell us how your trip went! I hope you had a wonderful time. Anyhow, I would love to hear the details!

KitKatKitty, Lindyo, and everyone else whom either responded/on/ff of here,

Thank you, again, and in advance.  Got/home safe and sound.  In which all in all was way beyond wonderful.  It was what I thought it was and even more as well.  Even through we did most of everything when we were there, but still wish we stayed a little bit longer to see everything else as well.  Especially, highly recommend it for everyone do it in conjunction to a one yr anniversary of ones loved passing.  I mean if you have the means to do it and etc.  At the same time I’m have no whatsoever clue as to when I will get my photos up on my social media accounts that offered that.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)