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Jessica A B – 20 Apr 2017 11:33 AM


Dear Everyone both on/ff of here,

I’m back yet again with another similar intro post thread, but wanted both of them to be separate from each other.  Basically, I felt that I didn’t wanted them to be together.  Since both of them are different from each other.

What have you either heard/ing, read/ing, seen, watch/ed, and beyond about all of this?

As for me I’m pretty into all of this ever since I can remember.  I really into each and everyone.  As opposed to having just having one/s particular.  I always found it/them fascinating with all of this.  Of course will continue to be for the rest of my life.

SpinningJen – 21 Apr 2017 02:11 AM

Years ago I worked on an archaeological dig during a lovely warm summer. I loved it, even though beforehand I would have thought it boring scraping at the earth. I suspect it would not have been quite as good if the weather had been very poor, but it was interesting.

I am interested in old things.

KitKatKitty – 21 Apr 2017 09:07 AM

It’s an interesting subject. I can’t say I know much about archaeology or anthropology but I would be interested in reading what people have to say about those subjects. I am interested in ancient Egypt and Greek Mythology, however. I have read books and novels about the ancient Greeks. Their mythology is really enjoyable and inspiring to read about. The gods and godesses were always fighting. I have actually been to Greece and I could see why such wonderful tales of the gods were thought up.

Jen, KitKatKitty, and sure all others would be the same.

Have that I’m totally jealous that you afforded doing that kind of opportunity, Jen.  Expect for the weather of course.  As for I me wouldn’t do it/one if it is with hot and humidity.  Maybe even more.

Its perfectly alright not to everything and we aren’t perfect as well, KitKatKitty.

At same time I’m back yet again with even more information/s resource/s.  Technically it/this can/could be a response to another intro post/thread that I did as well.  Finally felt this was more appropriate intro post/thread for my response here.

Basically, its all about A Midwife’s Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.  I mean in regards to all and every/anything that I have bought up regarding the subject/s.  Mainly, its towards nowadays vs in the past/future.

Also in regards to the women with their blogs and how their births went.  I mean with both Jessica (Jess) Loera with her blog Champagne and ShimmerAngela (Ang) now with her own blog instead being with the another one.  Its called By Angela Price.

If beyond birth/childbirth can/should be bought back into the home, if not at least in free standing birth center.  With beyond all doula/s, midwife/ves/ery, and nurse/es/ing involve/d.  Unlike with hospital ones.  I mean with beyond all the OB/s/GYN/s, nurse/s/ing, midwife/ves/ery, and other authorized staff.  Where with beyond all inductions, interventions, c/esreans/sections that they provide.  Especially, with the ones that say they for all natural, but turns out they aren’t.  Or something like that.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)