Beyond what one/s wear maternity clothes, hospital birth bag/s it/they include/s/ing gift/s for all of the doctor/s, doula/s, midwife/ves/wifery nurse/ /s/ing, NICU Staff/s, and even much more after that| Female Forum


Dear everyone both on/ff of here,
I’m back yet again with yet another intro post/thread, but decided to all in one instead doing it/them multiple ones with pretty much talking about the same stuff.  At the same time pretty much is/are based off of stuff that I have either bought up/was taken down by now.  Bought it up in/on my own blog myself, emails, and on other social media networking portals sites that I also belong to as well.
Especially, in regards to both Jessica (Jess) Loera’s blog Champagne and Shimmer and Angela (Ang) Price’s blogs (see above for her former one) By Angela Price.
I know it/all about this from either heard/ing, read/ing, seen, watch/ed, and beyond about all of this.  I mean from it/all of my past experiences combined.
Maternity Clothes
Is really need a even wear maternity clothes at all in ones pregnancy and maybe with for a little bit of postpartum?  Like especially for the ones breastfed/eding/nurse/d/ing.  I mean besides the undergarments of course.  When you can easily wear you current clothes and/or partner ones.  Even with all of the changes to them in the last couple of decades/a generation as well.
Hospital Birth bag/s for all of the mom/partner/s/baby/ies it/they include/s/ing gift/s all of the doctor/s, doula/s, midwife/ves/wifery, nurse/s/ing, and NICU Staff/s
Like one of them bought everything from home.  I mean it felt like that while reading and also like being either in hotel/resort/all exclusive/spa/on vacation.  As opposed to what one would expect for something like this.  All of them were used by it.  In which the gift/s was/were lip balm card/s with EOS ones
Emergency Survival Car/s Kit/s
That Should Have as well.  Then to top that off it also included its accessories kit as well.  In it said I should have of been more worried first about the emergency car, kit but that didn’t seem as fun

Staying healthy

In addition that it also included couple of entries (in different sections) regarding both how to stay healthy this (past) winter and what to do when if you get a cold or stomach flu.  In those it was in more the majority part of it as opposed to being either in the minority or the middle of the road.  Even though her partner is a er doctor of course.  Can/don’t ever recall if I saw anything on any of this on the one.  If so I’m glad for in a way, but then still wish to see that are in the middle of road.

Life/Parenting Style/s

They pretty much appears to me that all of their life/parenting styles are at least to me that they lean with the majority (at least in America/United States/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/England/Great Britain/Ireland/United Kingdom/maybe more since everywhere else is/are becoming more then ever Westernized).  I’m sorry yet again for another run on sentence.  The others that whom are like me in the minority and/or in the middle of the road.

In which I’m sorry yet again for going the distance on part of this response as opposed to others.

Mainly it/they about where do it/they get all of the information that they based everything and including beyond as well.  I mean it can be from both on/ffline because to me both of them are important as opposed over the other.  It/that also include/s partner/s, family/ies, close/far friend/s, and acquaintance/s as well.  It/they applies to beyond both consumer/s and professional/s as well.

Again, basically, find so far that I have read others members of FF really have no whatsoever clue as to what else is out there.  In which I have already up more then once in responses.  I mean theres a whole lot more out there.

In which I have also already have either blogged about, intro posts/threads in other chit/chats, discussions, forums, social media networking.  That I have also belong/ed as well.

Especially, from beyond what I have already/will go through, learned, researched from all of it.  This also includes all close, far, family, friends, acquaintances, and beyond as well.

At the same time I have finally invited them to FF via the invite friends area.  Heres the message that I have included below the generic ones.

Fashion style/s sense/s

At the same time I’m also in the middle of the road when it comes to both of their fashion senses/styles.  Mainly, its hit and/or miss with me.  Basically, got this from my fraternal twin sister.  One of them did a entry regarding bell bottoms/boot cut/flare jeans are back in style.  In which to me I kinda found was disturbing to me because to me they never went of out style.  At least in eyes.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)