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Dear Everyone both on/ff of here,

I think its about time for someone to do a intro post/s/thread/s regarding this/these author/s and its/their diary/ies becoming into books.  I mean what the heck war is still happening even in this day age.  Especially, one would think that both World Wars I and II would have bought long lasting peace, but it hasn’t.  By the way this can go either way as well.  In which I for one I’m still in the middle of the road on this because I can both sides more then anything else.

In which I’m have really started beyond questioning the way that Anne Frank House, Foundation, the other/rest Holocaust organizations are both being are going and running.  I mean within the past yr when US with its new President Donald J. Trump running country now.  Especially, having his daughter Invaka married to Jared Kushner.  In which makes his son in law and including their kids as well.

I’m also wondering ever happening Zlata Filipovic.  I for one found out about her while watching some of her story on now creased as of 2015 after being on air for 25 yrs.  Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.  Of course never really watched it.  Even through have read both of the works of course.  Read both of them within the yr (a little a over).  In which with Zlata took me no time read from start to finish.  But with Anne’s it took me almost 6 mo (5) to read from beginning to end.  Of course I’m glad did in the end because its a important read.  Have also done searches on Zlata here and there, but never had much luck with them.  As far as I know has Ph.D., but I really looked beyond that.  Also, I wish that Anne’s older Margot’s Diary survived it as well.  Plus, I’m also wondering if her boyfriend for a time, Peter Van Pels, spl (spelling) kept one himself as well.

At the same time I’m also wondering why aren’t/haven’t more like them in other wars like before the 1st gulf war as well.  Nowadays besides Malala Yousafzai of course.  With her book I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, with Christina Lamb.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)