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Dear Everyone both on/ff of here,

I’m going to coming back yet again with another similar intro post thread, later, but wanted both of them to be separate from each other.  Basically, I felt that I didn’t wanted them to be together.  Since both of them are different from each other.

What you heard/ing, read/ing, seen, watch/ed, and beyond about all of this?

As for me I’m still in the middle in the road on all of this.  Without either heard/ing, read/ing, seen, watch/ed, and beyond about all of this.  Expect, for my fraternal twin sister being into all of this.  I mean ever since I can remember.  Especially, ABC’s Desperate Housewives and that ran from 2004-`12.  In which never really bought this up to either off/nline acquaintance/s, family, friend/s until now.  Especially, having my aunt being somewhat like them as well.  In which I really hoping avoid that myself.

At the same time this applies to Angela (Ang) Price whom is the wife of Carey Price of The Montreal Canadiens.  Also, was apart of Hockey Wives for a season (2).  In I have also mentioned on here a quit a bit on here.  Of course everything I wrote about her is no longer on here, but still remains on my blog/other social media networking portals/sites that I belong.  Whom is the author of By Angela Price and was formally the co-author of Champagne and Slimmer with one of friends Jessica (Jess) Loera whom she does solo now.

So, that leaves me to my next part of this intro post/thread.

Basically, its how about Happy Housewives: I Was a Whining, Miserable, Desperate Housewife—But I Finally Snapped Out of It…You Can, Too!, Darla Shine.  Plus, theres a chit/chats/discussions/forums/beyond along with it.  Its called Happy Housewives Club.  In which it only allows/for all of the either moms/wives there.  At the same time it doesn’t even allow the rest of the population in as well.  I mean as long to 18 and over.  I for have tried quit couple/few times over the yrs to joined, but to no avail.

Oh how, I should also mention this as well.

The Happy Wives Club: One Woman’s Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage, Fawn Weaver.  In which I have indeed read when it pretty much first came out.  At he same time I was also on the middle road regarding the reading the book and its author as well.  Even through I have tried to be apart of official FBG (Facebook Group), but in the end didn’t worked out as much.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)