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…Beyond all of either comments, concerns, emailing, expanding, improving, open letters, questions, and maybe even more as well


Dear Jessica (Jess), Angela (Ang), and everyone else out there:

I’m back yet again because I’m going to be again either blogging/emailing/posting on my FBPF (Facebook Page Feed), TPCFP (Tea Party Community Feed/Page) as well.  Basically, I’m letting you guys know that this intro post/thread.  Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup) open letter Jessica (Jess) Loera and Angela (Ang) Price, was formerly with Jessica (Jess) Loera on Champagne and Shimmer, but is only on By Angela Price.  It has been totally removed FF (Female Forum) with all of the responses and along mine.  Basically, owner/admin/mod of FF pm (private message) me for the 2nd time regarding all of this. It thought that was too much of the same and/or something else along those lines.  I do get beyond get all of this of course.  In which I’m glad to see as opposed to most others. The ones that I have dealt myself.  I mean they always assumed that I was a spammer whom have spam.  Also, even beyond more of all/any/everything that I have covered already.

Jessica (Jess):

How did your partner finally proposed to you when you got guys engaged finally.  That also applies to both of wedding ceremony/reception.  Including you guys honeymoon?  I mean if you partner’s residency scheduled allow it of course when you got married.  At the same time how did yo guys end up meeting as well.  Also, would love to know where he hails from and of course don’t even worry about the very exact location of course. What did you do for a living before having Leo and becoming a stay/work at home mom. Plus, I also really loved Leo’s nursery as well, but at the same time did you keep it when you moved back home.  Especially, why did you guys choose to move back there.  I mean as opposed to being by where the partner’s hails from and/or somewhere in the middle of the road.

Angela (Ang):

Have you ever thought about merging/moving all of previous entries from CAS (Champagne and Shimmer) to BAP (By Angela Price).  So, that it would make it easier on beyond all of your followers/readers/maybe even more.  At the same time also recreating/doing/starting mailing list, other social media networking (Bloglovin/Tumblr).

All of you Jessica (Jess), partner, and Angela (Ang):

What did you majored/double/minored/double (if theres such a thing has to it) in college/university.  Especially, how did your partner end up going to medical school to become a doctor.  I mean if that wasn’t his original plan.  At same time also would love to know if you guys ever thought about going back to school.  I mean it could be for either doctorate (PhD), lawyer, masters, some other form of higher form of education, and maybe even more.

How did you and/or both of you come to doing a blog/s?  Where did the name/s come from?  At the same time have you guys ever thought about looking beyond the registration for it/them?  I mean besides beyond the plan/s/.  Basically, it also has beyond all/any/everything for your site.  Like the comments, configuration/s, personalization/s, other WP (WordPress Admin/s), and maybe even more.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, and in advance.

Yours Truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)