My intro post/thread: Beyond seeing blogroll and a/n information/s resource/s area/sub/s area/s on FF | Female Forum



Dear Martin,

Have to say that I never even either consider/ed/, forgot/ten, and beyond for doing something like this.  Since I mostly took it for granted regarding beyond all of this.

I for one have seen blogroll/s on at least one of the many chit/chats/discussions/forums/all on other social media networking portals/sites.  That I have either browsed/heard/join/looked/read/seen/beyond.  In which I would love to see on here.  So, that I don’t have go the length anymore regarding my current posting style/sharing or vice versa.  Also would love to see others.  Even the ones that aren’t on here as well.

At the same time have you also thought about having a/n information resource/s area/s sub/area/s.  I mean even if its a thread/s in each/every single area/s/sub/s area/s on FF.  As you see for it/beyond.  I for one have seen them on either quite a couple/few of them on others.  Even through I knew about, but really never pursued it.  Also, it/they can be from either the majority/minority/in the middle of the road/off/nline.  So, that again I don’t have to go the length on either responding/starting a new intro/post thread.  Especially, when its not that very much/beyond.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)