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Back yet again with even more observations.

Mainly it/they about where do it/they get all of the information that they based everything and including beyond as well.  I mean it can be from both on/ffline because to me both of them are important as opposed over the other.  It/that also include/s partner/s, family/ies, close/far friend/s, and acquaintance/s as well.  It/they applies to beyond both consumer/s and professional/s as well.

Again, basically, find so far that I have read others members of FF really have no whatsoever clue as to what else is out there.  In which I have already up more then once in responses.  I mean theres a whole lot more out there.

In which I have also already have either blogged about, intro posts/threads in other chit/chats, discussions, forums, social media networking.  That I have also belong/ed as well.

Especially, from beyond what I have already/will go through, learned, researched from all of it.  This also includes all close, far, family, friends, acquaintances, and beyond as well.

At the same time I have finally invited them to FF via the invite friends area.  Heres the message that I have included below the generic one.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)