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Dear everyone both on/off of here,

I know that I already recently did a part of other thread regarding all of this, but I kinda start another regarding all of this stuff.  Also, have done either previous intro posts/thread/responses previous to that as well.As opposed to it being in a mixed another thread here.

Have you either heard, read, saw, beyond, and why/not?

I for one have heard, read, saw, beyond all about it.  Basically, its from BBC, so have no whatsoever clue whats its called over there.  Including beyond both BBC and PBS.

Basically, I have pretty much have a been fan ever since Masterpiece Theater when Call the Midwife 1st premiered (09-10/12), hasn’t stopped ever since then, and whom knows how longer it will go.  Now, they are on there 6th season of it and still going strong.  I mean of course I still wish that I was earlier then that.  For series like Froyles WarDowton Abbey and thats pretty sums that up.  Have also watched series like Mr. Selfridge and some short run ones Crimson Field and The Bletchley Circle (which could be counted as Mystery one.  I wish both of them could at least last through the duration of World War I, but unsure on the other.  Plus, Home Fires is in the 2nd and final season of it.  That also goes with Crimson Field one.  This time its on Britain’s Home Front and its Ladies Institute or whatever its called.  In one of its rural villages (I believe a northern one, but can’t really recall at this time.  Its based off of a book regarding the history of it, but of course the series itself is historical fiction based.  Of course I’m for in this type of situation.  Then,  Victoria is based off of Queen Victoria 1st three years of reign (1837-`40 or something like that).  At the same time have only caught one season of Indian Summers and of course enjoyed it.  But didn’t bother watching it in the middle of the season, this past one.  Since I was going with issues (in which I have mentioned in other places on here).  This also applies the lone American one Mercy Street because its right up my alley as well.  Even my mom watched it during its 1st season as well.

At the same time especially, when over fictionized it/them.  I mean don’t me wrong I’m all for it, but still think that it takes away from it/them as well.  Well, at least as I feel about it.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)