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,… and even also with fictionized real historical events.


Dear Everyone both on/ff of her as well,

I know this intro post/thread also be a couple of more intro posts/threads.  But I figured whats the point of making of them when I can put everything in one intro post/thread.

Anyway, this is/n’t the first/last time that I have ever have thought about this and beyond.

In which I have already either blog/ged/chit/chat/ed/ing, discuss/ing, forums, social media networking portals sites.

Basically, I still don’t get why either PBS/all involved History Detectives (mean on air hosts/behind scenes staff)/beyond with other shows like it/them.

I mean it/they discontinued series/es it/they can be for all of the entertainment.

I for one I still don’t just get it why this happens more and more over this past decade and half. With the advent of beyond either of of competition, copykat, and reality tv. Especially, I’m referring to ones that beyond either got cancelled for network having lack of money (in all forms of it) and exces of the network not liking it for whatever reason.

Please don’t even get me started with this particular part of it because I’m waybeyondfedup with it/all of this.

Even when they also with fictionized real historical events.  I mean mainly on like period dramas on PBS Masterpiece Theater/maybe Mystery part of it as well.  Believe started noticing more and more on it when they started doing it on either Mr. Selfridge and/or Call The Midwife a couple/few yrs back.

Think thats it for now.Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)