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Dear Beyond everyone out there,

Basically, got this idea for this intro post/thread and in which I will turned into email, blog entry, pin it on two of my pinterest boards, and yet another response to I have already both commented/responded to more then once.  Of course I mean after submitted it here.  Will do all that stuff with the subject/title/link afterwards.  In which I will include my intro post/thread:  in the subject/title as well.  So, everyone off of here wouldn’t get confused with it.

Plus, have also thought of this on/ff ever since I can remember doing it/this.

Back to it when I was both commenting and responded to another blog entry about her/their birth story with their 1st child.  At the same time its also same themed as my last intro post/thread here and I posted it in the wrong section of here.  In which is off of here of course.  Its on a blog called By Angela Price and the address to it is just her with dot com /home/birth story#comments after that.  By the way shes the wife/mother of #31 – Carey Price – One of their Goalies/Tenders of The Montreal Canadiens.  Whom is my favorite NHL team (New York Rangers) in The First Round of 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  At the same time The Rangers are ahead in series 1-0, but still plenty more of time in it.  But have to 3 more of them in order to move on/on/on.  Of course I’m hoping it doesn’t go past game/s 4/5 because they have played a lot of playoff hockey in the past # of yrs.  Also, I’m hoping that if they make it past this round.  If they do I’m hoping the 2nd round series doesn’t go past game/s 5/6.  Then for both the 3rd/4th round can up to either almost/whole series and thats game/s 6/7.

By the way my favorite Rangers player is #30 – Henrik Lundqvist – also one of their Goalies/Tenders.

Anyway, back to what I said in all of the comment and responses to her so far.

By the way I replaced Carey and their child with partner/big brother/sister/child/ren because I wanted to make more of a generalization as opposed to about being them.

Of course I belated all congratz, good luck, and even through its been a yr (almost) since this happened.

I want to know what method of travel did you guys do/use to travel from Montreal (they weren’t in the playoffs last because he/some other key players were injured for most of the season) in season home to Kelowna, BC off season home. Since from what gathered on the subject thats its not recommend to do. Mainly flying because possibly going into labor and especially early.

Back yet again because I’m also wondering about this. Its going towards your next pregnancy/ies, birth/s, child/ren, and beyond as well. Basically, what would you do/n’t do? This question applies to the partner as well. In which I’m unsure about child/ren part of it besides becoming a big brother/sister because theres nothing for regarding it.

Back yet again because I’m also still wondering about more of this as well. How will you, partner, and child/ren go about announcing about all of this. Especially, keeping the media away from it, if you choose to do so. In which I’m waybeyondfedup it as well. This also applies to beyond as well. When did you/maybe partner as well start and how did you go about beyond all of you learning, and researching about a having a baby/pre. That also goes for the bump/pre part/s of it/them. Even prior to that, well expect for the love part of it. I also mean it/they can be a combination of both on/ffline. Plus, how about other blogs, chats, discussions, forums, portals, sites, and/or social media networking as well. To me I find its much better to well informed then ill. With all of the different ones. Like mainstream/conventional/alternative/traditional/whatever its called. In which I’m in the middle of the road when it comes to this and including beyond as well.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)