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Dear Everyone on/ff of here,

WOW can’t believe that I still haven’t really bought up both of these.  Especially, since its 100 yr anniversary of US entering it and rest of the world that took part in is pretty much 103 yr anniversary for them.  Next yr an half will be 100 yr anniversary when it finally ended.  I have also decided to include the another one as well.  Since its almost 72 yrs since it ended.  Well, the first is coming up in a couple of wk (May 8) and other one will coming up in both August/September.  It also included the first couple of atomic bombs as well.  In which I’m in the middle of the road with atomic bombs part of it.  At the same time it will be 76 yr (later this yr since both Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor and when US finally entered into it.  Fighting against Japan, Germany, and Italy (please don’t get me started on Italy part of it since I’m 3rd generation of quarter Italian American.  At the same time I’m also have other quarters in which are all European American.  2nd generation of quarter Dutch American.  Both 3rd generation of quarter of Polish and Lithuanian American).  Then, it will be pretty much almost 80 (79 yr) pretty much for the rest of the world for them.

I mean I really never considered doing this until now.  Everything thats been going on and especially all of the wars at the moment.  In which I truly hope theres no World War (III) and hopefully thats it for them after World War III.

Now thats out of the way and lets start chit/chatting/discussing/talking about in depth with it/all of this.

Do/n’t think that should have World War I ever taking place?

If it didn’t would/n’t think that World War II ever taking place if World War I didn’t occurred?

Do/n’t think that World War III and maybe even more of them as well?

Because of the ongoing wars on terrorism, civil/s, and maybe beyond?

I for one I still don’t get it the why part of World War I took place.  Even after all of these yrs of knowing.

At the same time I have always thought that World War II took place because of also The Holocaust was part of it.

Of course I’m still truly hoping thats World War III and beyond will not happen.  I for one I’m like everyone else on/ff of here whose like me being waybeyondfedup with all of this.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)