Vashon Island: The place where many parents skip jabs – BBC News



Dear Everyone,

Heres something that I saw on one of the evening news shows that I watch from time to time.  I mainly watch either the national/international ones as opposed to the local ones. Its called BBC America and the others that watch are BBC Newsday and ABC World News Tonight.

At the same time my opinions on this and beyond are one of my blog entries regarding of this.  That I did well over couple/few years back.  Of course to me its still relevant today as it was when I 1st did.

Vaccinations, flu shot, circumcision, other elective procedures


Basically, what I mean by elective procedures are ear piercing and etc along those lines.  At the same time I’m focusing on both sexes, all ages, etc as opposed to one sex, age, etc.

What do you think about this and beyond?

I for one I’m in the middle of the road on this, but whom leans more towards to alternative medicine/lifestyles as opposed to mainstream medicine/lifestyles. Because I found to there more risk involve in the mainstream medicine/lifestyles vs alternative medicine/lifestyles.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)