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Ladies last October I had a hysterectomy, yayyyyy! However the consultant left my ovaries, so, I dont really know, even roughly when I will officially enter the menopause.
I am perimenopausal I know that, but the actual menopause it’s self, not sure. Anyone else had this?
Souxi, rest of you, including the ones that aren’t on here because to me its just as important for you guys as well, this also goes for the age as well, and beyond,
Hmm beyond all good/bad for you/them, interesting, middle of the road, okay, understandable, and WOW.  This also goes for the age difference as well.
Basically, here I thought that was mixed group of ages, but its far from that.  Even through that I’m only a generation back from you guys.  Well at least from whom I interacted with.
At the same time my opinions on this and beyond are one of my blog entries regarding of this.  Well, one of them has no opinion attached to it because at that particular time didn’t have more opinion beyond other one that also opinion with it as well.  Basically, my opinion is for both of them.That I did well over couple/few years back.  Of course to me its still relevant today as it was when I 1st did.
This is the one without the opinion
Angelina Jolie  on Her Surgeries: ‘I Can’t Wait to Hit 50 and Know I Made It’ | TIME
This is the one with the opinion as well
No Easy Choices on Breast Reconstruction
Have I praised Ms Jolie for this, but at the same time I don’t.  Basically, I found theres more risks then benefits for having this done.  Including BRAC II and all of the other testing thats out there for both cancers because my results that I have a risk for breast cancer, but no risks for ovarian.  Even though I know thats theres history of breast cancer on my mother’s family and one of her doctors has recommend it to her to get it done.  At the same time she does indeed has stage IV ovarian cancer, survive it, and etc along those lines.  Would love if Ms Jolie of it would have done more of though learning and researching in regards to all of this. Not just in this particular area, but others and etc.  Because I do know for a fact theres even more to all of this. It includes men, children, babies, and etc.  Especially, looking into both the alternative, mainstream, and etc lifestyles.  Including all living things and etc.
No Easy Choices on Breast Reconstruction
While a recent article by Angelina Jolie about her mastectomy and reconstruction raised awareness, it may have left the impression that the surgeries are quick and easy procedures, some doctors fear.
Think thats it for now.
Thank you, again, in advance.
Yours truly,
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)