Mark Cuban approached Adam Silver about Tony Romo playing for Dallas Mavericks


In which was totally sweet of him to do.  Of course this is coming someone whom beyond never liked him as player, his team (Dallas Cowboys) because they were in the same division as my dad, fraternal twin sister, and me favorite team (New York Giants).  At the same time all of us don’t like the two others teams (Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins).  The division is NFCE (National Football Conference East) or something like that.  In which Eagles, Giants, and Redskins were formed like 30 to 45 yrs before Cowboys came along.  Of course those teams are exactly in the East, but of course they didn’t wanted to go.  Of course I have no whatsoever clue has to what the story was on why in the East as opposed to being in the right division NFCS (South) for them.  At the same time please don’t even get me started on Washington Redskins name part of it because to me theres no point in changing it after all of this time.  Even through at the time they didn’t know about ramifications of it until much later.  As far as know most Indians aka Native American don’t care about it.  This also applies to all others teams in all other sports whom have names like The Redskins.  By the way this also applies to all other retired players whom are like him.  Now, just wish all others would follow suit no matter what.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)