My Re: Assad | Female Forum


The west say he must go. No argument there, but….who will replace him? He was supposed to have given up his chemical weapons in 2013.

Russia stand by him, makes you wonder if they have chemical weapons as well?

Some of the pictures in this article are distressing, so be warned.


Obama administration admitted that they failed in a negotiation with Russia about Syria so I am not surprise that the chemical weapon is still there.

One thing I must admit that Trump’s ignorance and craziness worked, Russia could never believe that someone in the free world would attack Syria. Someone must do the dirty works and if Trump keeps up with it, I am with him when it comes to Syria.

As to who will replace Assad, I have been thinking, how about one of rebel leaders?  are there anyone qualified among them?

I’m with both of you guys here.  At the same time this also applies to beyond present/past/future.  Of course I have no whatsoever clue on how long that chemical weapons have been used in history.  I mean already know that they were used in World War I/II and beyond others recent wars as well.  Even through Trump’s press secretary (Shawn Spicer) thought otherwise.  In which of course he since then apologize for that.  But still its worth noting none the less.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)