Beyond all is it just me/what do think about/what would you do

Basically, what got me started thinking about this is when one of Chicago Cubs current players wife (I prefer not to name them because this is kinda more of hypothetical) was singing God Bless America during the team home opener pregame ceremonies.  In which it included beyond them raising 2016 World Series Champions Flag and that took them 108 yrs after their last World Series win.  By the way I only highlights of via the internet, so I might be wrong on this.  At the same time I’m no whatsoever clue as whom to got to sing Star Spangled Banner (USA national Anthem) as well.

Well, anyway back to questions.  This also applies to it being women’s side of things and the husband did it.
I mean let’s say that all of the hair, outfit, voice, and beyond was on more on the hideous side of things.
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)