Beyond all of let’s say/ings, what if/s, and/or maybe theres even more to it

Mainly its beyond professional athlete/s with it/theirs choosing sport/s more then anything else.  It also is not just US/Canada/Central/North/South America/s, but overseas as well.  I’m also including the amateur at all levels in the equation as well.  At the same time this also applies to beyond the rest of areas life.

Basically, I have started to think about more and more again after Sergio Garcia his 1st career major (Masters) and especially at the age he’s at.  At this particular I have no clue whatsoever if its evenly old age by golf standards.  Of course have thought about off and on even before this.

In which this also applies to ones that are forced in early retirement either by their concussion/s and especially with PSC (post concussion syndrome), illness/es, and injury/ies.  Even it/if they worked their way through it and maybe went back to playing even through it/that/them.  But in the end it wasn’t enough and/or whatever its called.  I mean this applies to all of them and even including the top ones.

Then, what do/es it/they do after it?  I mean like remaining with the organization (if its a team sport of course) in some of sort capacity and/or whatever else its called.  Its mainly in/with front office/scouting role as opposed to anything else.  At least from I gather on it.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)