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Beyond how does one go choosing sides and especially with one of the current ones in Syria

I mean this also can be for every/anything else and not just this. This also every other that either has happened/happening now/will happened.

I for one have to really say that I have always thought of this, but not at this level. Even though I never really put that into it until now. Now, really have thought of it more and more ever since 9/11/2001 happened. But at first it wasn’t really too much, but in the day/couple/few of them have really started thinking about it more and more. I mean with whats happening/has been in Syria now. My hair dresser is from there, still has her parents, and some family left there. In which I totally the exact number. Well, her sister (well at least one of them) came over to the US, so that her son/nephew can get a college education over here instead staying put in Syria. At the same time I’m also friends with her FB and saw her latest post and in which is all about this. Of course she, her parents, and family her Assad supporters. In which I commented on it saying thank you for sharing this and beyond. But of course I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about her supporting him because given its complicated one for her and me. At the same time did also replied to my comment with what I have below this paragraph. I for one I’m still in the middle of this and beyond.

Yet again another on this. Especially, one would think all of this should be over now. At the same time I’m also thinking of this being of the many possible scenarios that all of us should be beyond alert/prepared for/disaster/emergency preparedness/survival/whstf. I mean for all of man made/natural ones as opposed to one over the other. Especially, including all of civilians as well as professional. Everyone/where else should all do it as well.

Yet another again, please, feel to see my own blog entry regarding all of this #Waybeyondfedup open letter to all that were involved in #2017WomensMarch and #beyondhttps://jessicaabrunowaybeyondfedup.wordpress.com/…/waybey…/ for more on how I feel on all of this.

Heres even more additional websites, social media networking portals that I have found as well. #Ladies #Women #Against #Feminism http://ladiesagainstfeminism.org and http://womenagainstfeminism.org

Now just wish others would follow suit with this because to this is very important to me.

I also highly recommend beyond all of start doing you own learning and researching on it as well. I mean this also applies beyond to everything that I have mentioned above here. To me I found its very important so you can be proactive in it. Also, please take everything with a grain of salt as well. Especially, pseudoscience part of it as well. This also applies to beyond as well.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)