New York Mets on Twitter: “Travis d’Arnaud gets the 👑 for his role in tonight’s win. #MetsWIN #LGM https://t.co/NoUpcmg4M8”

Hmm all interesting, okay, ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing), understandable, and WOW.  This has to do until I get the rest of the info about behind this, tomorrow. Basically, I both heard about and saw this on the post game show.

Heres the info that I already have on all of this

Basically, it came from their captain (well he doesn’t the wear c on his shirt).  Whom I already may/not have mentioned here and also went over to that as well because of him. In which he’s no longer that player that he was when he 1st came up and beyond. Anyway, last yr they had that champion belt that a boxer gets, but decided to change it up this.  To be unique of course.  At the same time really have no whatsoever clue on all of this began.  Not just with them, but other teams in other leagues of course.  Mostly likely it also applies not this country/Canada/rest of the countries on the continent/rest of Americas/overseas.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)