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I know that I’m across the pond aka Atlantic Ocean in US. Anyway, still feel the urge to respond to this even through I’m in UK.
Hmm all bad/good for them, interesting, okay, understandable, WOW.
At the same time do feel for both sides of the equation. Still that the British aka English need to return all of the countries that are a part of theirs aka UK. In which they are Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Even through they have apart of them basically forever. But still I feel thats the more proper aka grown up thing to do.
This is also coming from someone whom is Catholic (Roman), but whose doesn’t have anyone in her family that hails from that part of Europe/World. We all hail from Holland aka Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, and Poland. All of them are 3rd generation. Expect for one of them thats 2nd. Some of them are Catholic, but others are Baptist (well they switched from Catholic to that one when were living close to that church instead of an Catholic one) and Presbyterian or something else along those lines. In which I’m still totally not sure of.
Yet another again hmm all good/bad for them, interesting, okay, understandable, and WOW.
I totally forgot about all of these others rights and issues in my 1st response here.
In which thats very intriguing to me. Especially, being a American and what we went through has a country to get our Independence from them. Even through it was a long time, but still of bit relevant to what you guys are going through.
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)