Beyond all of preserving/protecting past, and present, and predicting the future | Female Forum


I mean beyond how did/do go about it?  Especially, with being soo accurate in predicting the future from basically beginning of time.  Well at least when began exactly writing everything down on paper and/or maybe earlier that.  This applies to beyond everyone/thing/where.

I for one have always wondering about beyond all of this ever since I can remember.  But really bought it anywhere until now.  This is in conjunction to a book that I just finally bought, yesterday.  Especially, with knowing about for a wk, but was unsure because I hadn’t either heard/read/saw anything about it.  I mean besides what I already saw from the book jacket/flaps.  Anyway, its called New York 2140:  A Novel, Kim Stanley Robinson.  I totally can’t wait to start to read because I pretty much was born, raised, and still living in here.  Well its of course in metro of it and on NJ side of it.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)