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I’m back yet with even more concerns and questions regarding beyond all of this. Even though its more fun side of it things. I was inspired do it while I was out to dinner the other night with my fraternal twin and our friends. Originally, it was I emailed/blogged/posted it on all of my social media networks accounts/including my pages on some of them/chats/discussions/forums that I also belong to. Both of my previous comments (originally and response) were also copied and pasted on everything. In which I included all of the links/copied/pasted from either my blog entry/ies/original comment/s/response/s. So, that anyone new beyond new to this would that know what I’m talking about. I’m also soo sorry for any of my grammar, wording, especially with too many of / and beyond as well.

When we started to talk about US PBS/History Channel/UK Channel 4/Australia version of ABC/maybe beyond them, but of course I’m have no clue whatsoever on the beyond. All of them were based off of house/s in a historical time period/s. Like beyond 1900, Edwardian Country House (1901-`14), `40s, Frontier House (18??, 18?? something), Colonial House (1620s 16??), Outback House (1861-18/19??). Were beyond produced by the originally UK production co Wall to Wall and is still existence. They did basically from 2000 to 2005ish (well the ones that I saw) because pretty much all of ran into problems one way or other. I’m not going get to them on here. In which at least two of us missed.

Beyond all of past, present, future


Basically, I mean not just your life, but beyond it as well.

What do you think of this and why/not?

I for one have always wondered about this.

In which I’m in the middle of this because I love see to see beyond all of everything in both the past, present, and what it would be like in the future.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)