How breast milk could help prevent the antibiotic apocalypse


Again, got this from one of my FBF (Facebook Friends) and its too important to me not share with you guys as well.

In which I’m totally waybeyondfedup with beyond all of this.  Especially, when is the breastfeeding is superior then both bottle and formula feeding has it always been.

I also highly recommend beyond all of start doing you own learning and researching on it as well.  I mean this also applies beyond breastfeeding, lactivism, vaccination, immunization, circumcision, inactivism.  To me I found its very important so you can be proactive in it.  Also, please take everything with a grain of sat as well.  Especially, pseudoscience part of it as well.  This also applies to beyond as well.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)