Beyond Angelina Jolie to teach masters course at London School of Economics – BBC News


I originally heard about of all about this while I was eating dinner out with my fraternal twin sister and our friends.  In which I keep on totally forgetting to share this with beyond all of you.

If so, what do you think of beyond her doing this, they allowing it, and why/not?

I for one have a mixed bag of emotions on all of this.  I mean do get it, but then don’t get.

I also highly recommend beyond all of you start doing you own learning and researching on it as well.  This also applies beyond to everyone/where else.  I mean beyond what the heck has happen to all us/all over.  Don’t get me wrong I can understand in a way/s, but then also don’t in way/s.  From what I already gathered about her and will keep going with this and this also applies to beyond.  I mean she’s has none of all of thats usually require for this kind of job (high school diploma, college degree, masters degree, doctorate).  I for one wouldn’t even consider going there/persuade beyond both of my Mr. Right and children.  If its ivy league and/or something similar to it.  To me I found its/they are very important so you can be proactive in it.  Also, please take everything with a grain of salt as well.  Especially, pseudoscience part of it as well.  This also applies to beyond as well.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)