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Little Ree Mini Tour!

I’m back yet again with even more concerns and questions regarding beyond the life of typical rancher. At the same time I’m also soo sorry for any of my grammar, wording, especially with too many of / and beyond as well. I pretty much mean from when they are born until they die. It/this apply/ies to girl/daughter/s because it/they is/are important to me. If its/there in the family/ies can a/they choose not to inherite/d if its/there not for them. Basically, I for one have always wondered about this, but never asked. Of course I keep on either hearing, reading, seeing, and beyond that both your father and mother in law have moved onto to their retirement/semi. They have also either moved/back into town. This also applies to the farmer, their worker/s, its/their family/ies, and beyond as well. How old can a worker/s come and start working for you. Do/es it/they ever move on from it to either its/their own/in the family/ies. Don’t yet me forget its friend/s as well. Including their family/ies member/s.

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)