Beyond accessing your email and in all facets of life

What do you think of this and why/not?

I for one have always wonder about this.  And its a mixed bag of emotions on all of this. I mean do get it, but then don’t get.  In which I still really prefer it.  Its from either computer/desktop/laptop/notebook.  Its usually either at my from home (MacBook)/one of the library (its public library in my town).  Its a mix bag of computers either new/old and they are Dells.  Of course it/this does apply from a work one/s (Microsoft Windows based ones) because in my experience/s it was pretty much not allowed.  Unless you were a doctor/s, some other health professional/s within the hospital/medical center, and needed for your job/s.  Well that is/was at my current/former place of volunteering (clerical).  At the same time in the past one could into the medical library on the main campus to access it, but those days are gone.  But don’t get me wrong I do access it mobile, but still really don’t prefer it.  Its from either my phone (iPhone), tablet (iPad), and watch (Apple).  With the watch I can access certain things as opposed to everything.