Beyond posting style and sharing

We do not mind you sharing relevant news stories and links but we’re not her to advertise Female forum and any other site you feel free,
especially considering that your posts here are mostly exact copies of what you’ve posted elsewhere.

If you want to be an individual and share here that is fine.
If you are just going to copy/paste the same things you do elsewhere, please don’t bother.

Hmm all interesting, okay, understandable, and WOW.  I for one I’m torn on this particular issue.  I mean that also goes for your competition off of here with another chats, discussions, and forums.  At the same time have decided to leave BF (Broken Forums) and couple of more that I belong to.  Basically, theres hardly activity on there and especially from the owner/s, admin/s, and mod/s on them.  At the same time I’m going share this along with quote because to me its worth it in the long run.