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Little Ree Mini Tour!

Hmm all interesting, okay, understandable, and WOW.

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How does Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman, her husband Ladd aka of The Drummond Ranch have manage to remained married all these yrs, and 4 kids? I mean just look some of the other mommy bloggers whom ended divorced to the daddies after awhile and kids.

I have emailed Ms Drummond earlier, today and have yet to receive her response to me.

Basically, heres what I asked her. Whats more to you, your blog being a part of Blogher?

I for one would love to know more about this particular aspect because to me I found that Blogher network isn’t really what I found to ethical blog network and/or etc whatever its called. In which I still high time for The International Code of Marketing Breast-Milk Substitutes (1981) to be looked at and re worked. In order to move toward. I for one have yet to found, etc more ethical blog network, and maybe join in due time.

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Both WOW and yikes at the same time. But I’m still wondering why don’t you guys and all others have also have generator/s for the house and lounge part of the property. Since I’m pretty much figuring they are there for the exactly ranch part of it. As for me I still have both love and hate relationship with generators. Basically, I’m referring to the days before all of this. At the same time I know that I couldn’t survive without for no more than couple of days. I mean I’m referring to when my family and me lost our power for nine days during Hurricane Sandy aka both Franken Superstorm. Especially right before Halloween and 2012 Presidental, spl (spelling) Election.

Brilliant Suggestions

Back again because I want to know if theres any kind of update regarding all of this. I’m also waybeyondfedup with all the immature comments and/or replies that have also appeared on here after I posted this. At the same time I’m also here to include stuff that I forgot include in my original comment here.

Basically, rest of my family (both of my parents and my fraternal twin sister) are in the same boat as me. We had couple of them prior to that one. They only lasted for hours to a couple of days. In which we also invested in HVAC after this one because we were so waybeyondfedup with all of this as well.

Brilliant Suggestions

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Thanx again for updating us with your situation. Again both WOW and yikes. Especially, being without water as well. In which I for one draw the line there as well.

Re: Both my comment and response to it regarding your previous entry/post (Brilliant Suggestions.

Back again with the correct brand of generator. It is Generac and not HVAC. We also have central air (something like Carrier) as well and we had installed seven yrs before the generator. In which both of them were installed by the same company and pretty close each other.

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