Mike Keenan – the KHL has become a formidable league : News : Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)


Know I’m kinda of late getting this to you after reading it, yesterday.  At the same time did put his 1st name in the subject, so that you know whom I’m talking about and beyond.

All I have to say are the following.

Starting head coaching all over again, especially, at his age, and yet in another country.  That also includes the multiple hirings back over in NHL (National Hockey League).  In both Canada and USA.  In which in 2013 after almost a decade after his job in the NHL as both the General Manager and Head Coach.  When he was 1st hired as the head coach for Metallurg Magnitogorsk Hockey Club.  Of course I was in totally shocked when the club shacked things up after earlier in their 2014-16 campaign.  At the same time he also won two their version of Stanley Cup (he won one of them in NHL as the head coach of 1993-94 New York Rangers after the club hasn’t one ever since their 1939-40 season or something like that) Gagarin Cup during his time with the club.  They are 2013-14 and 2015-`16.

Good for him





All of this doesn’t include anything with beyond news, current events, current affairs in all of the countries that I have mentioned here.  Because sports aren’t about them and etc.