Backup goalie/stender/s, qb/quarterbacks playing beyond regular season into playoffs.


.post season, making a deep run, and winning their sports ultimate prize.

I mean when the #1 goalie/s/tender/squarterback/s goes down with an illness/es, injury/ies, in regular season, playoffs, and/or season. Not necessary getting up in age and/or past its/their prime. At the same time I’m really not looking for any poor play that leads t it because to me thats more of an unfactor.

Know of only one case (Jeff Hostetler coming in relief of injured Phi Sims, leading 1990 NY Giants to Superbowl, and winning it) that it has happened. In which I didn’t know about until a longtime after the fact. I only case that I know of is Matt Murray coming in relief of injured Marc-Andre Fleury, leading 205-`16 Pittsburgh Penguins to the Stanley Cup, and winning it. After that I don’t have anymore examples of it happening in American, Canadian, North/Central/South American, and/or overseas at the position/s, and/or sport/s.

Before I go I’m sorry about the grammar part of this.