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Dear Whomever this may concerns:

Back yet again to notified you that I have went back to google after renabled, spl (spelling) my account and that was on 2/6/17.  I was totally relieved to see.  So, I did what the what their directions told me to do, but in the end deleted both the account and content that was associated with.  Basically, I received other warning regarding all of this, so I figured whats the point of keeping it.  When I can just use my iCloud address for my email address.


Back yet again to notified you that I have just heard back from a couple of times regarding all of this. They said we understand what you going through without having accessing your account. After that they said they have reviewed and wasn’t eligible for restatement of my account. In which I found to disturbing because I finally looked into everything regarding all of this. Didn’t see anything regarding how I perceived it on my end. Anyway, it them almost a week to get back from me regarding all of this. Also, was dealing with all that snore throat, both of my depression, and anxiety almost coming back in full force. In end got through pretty much better then all of the other times this past year had offered to me. Of course I’m hoping that it signaling that I’m starting to figure all of this out with my depression and anxiety. Couple that with both of my mom and next doors’ losing their lives to cancer battles during all of this past year. In end have since decided to keep my primary email as is.


Back yet again to notified you that for the moment have changed both my primary and secondary to the opposite what they before. Because you guys having taking forever to get back to me and beyond.


This isn’t my 1st and/or last time that I have contracted regarding all of this. Since have yet to hear back from your end, I figured modesty well do this as well. Basically, all of this began about 9 (1/19/17) days prior to my latest (1/27/17) episode. At first, I thought that someone hacked into my account, have since come terms it wasn’t. Now, I all I want is further explanation as to why it happened in the 1st place and then again. At the same time have been using both google and gmail about a decade now and never had any problems with it until now. Well, have been using google for longer then that.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)