Evgeni Malkin to miss NHL All-Star Game

Evgeni Malkin to miss NHL All-Star Game


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Beyond all of Evgeni Malkin injury prone, healthy, and season training regime

Back yet again with another more questions then answers regarding all of this with him. Even with changing his training regime over this past summer to be more healthy instead of being injury prone.

Why it take him forever to figure out how train properly during off season? I mean for 2016-`17 season after being so injury prone over the course of the past few seasons. Especially, even after 2011-`12 season. In which to me it was a career best season for him. Unlike his many counterparts on his country, league, and team. Whom figured out it at the beginning of their careers as opposed to the middle/ending of their careers. Or better yet prior to becoming to their playing careers in the league. This also applies all of the other leagues as well. Either domestic/national and international. At the same time do he can keep it up for the rest of playing career on his team, league, country. It also applies to if he decides to go back home after his current contract is up. To play for his former/other team, league, country. Pretty sure I either heard, read, and/saw it somewhere online on numerous occasions. That he said he intends to do just that.